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Product description
How to use
How to clean
Safety instructions
General information
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Product description
8 intensity levels
Travel lock function
Pleasure Air Technology
Magentic cap
How to use
1. Apply a little water-based lubricant to the vulva area before placing Liberty 2's stimulation head over your clitoris.
2. Turn Liberty 2 on by pressing the + button to experience Womanizer’s original Pleasure Air clitoral massage.
3. Cycle up through intensities using + and decrease using the – button.
4. Activate the travel lock by holding the + and – buttons together for 2 seconds. Liberty 2 will pulse twice, and your toy will lock – do the same again to unlock. Deactivate by charging the toy.
5. Liberty 2 is rechargeable and uses a USB cable with magnetic charging contacts. The charge time is 60 min and the run time is 120 min.
How to clean
After use, Liberty 2 is easy to clean as it’s 100% waterproof (IPX7). Simply wash with water and a mild soap or toy cleaner before leaving to dry on a clean towel.
Safety Instructions


Sold as a novelty product only. Not suitable for medical purposes. Only use the product for the intended purpose. Keep out of reach of children. If you are under a physician’s care and/or have a condition requiring the use of any medical device, please consult your physician before using this product. Stop using the product immediately if you experience any skin irritations, pain or discomfort and consult your physician.

This product can be used by adults only. Persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the product in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the product. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be done by children. Do not use on swollen or inflamed areas of skin.

  • Remove piercings or jewellery in the genital area before use.
  • Always clean the product before and after use according to the instructions given in the manual.
  • To avoid damage to the product, the product and its battery must not be exposed to temperatures above 45°C, be dismantled or mechanically or electrically damaged.
  • Sharing sex toys may transmit sexual diseases. Do not share your sex toys with users other than your partner. Use protective measures with your partner if necessary. Do not use the toy if you detect any cracks or signs of degradation in the cover material.
  • This product is not designed for anal use. Do not use anally!
  • To prevent stains, do not place the soft side of your product on an absorbent surface.
  • Check the charging device and the product regularly for damage and do not use in any case of damage.
  • Magnetic fields can influence mechanical and electronic components such as pacemakers. Do not use the product directly over a pacemaker. Contact your physician for more information. Keep cards with magnetic stripes (such as credit cards) away from the product, as they may be damaged by the product’s magnet.
  • If your product appears to be functioning abnormally, turn it off and consult the support section on our website.


  • Before the first use of the charging device, check the local voltage level, since the local mains voltage may not exceed the maximum mains voltage given on the charging device.
  • The product must only be charged at an appropriate, extra-low voltage corresponding to the marking on the product.
  • Do not use or clean the product while the battery is charging.
  • Never immerse the charging device or charging cable in water or other fluids.
  • This product contains batteries that are non-replaceable.
  • This product contains a rechargeable Li-ion battery. 
  • Disconnect the charging cable from the electrical supply each time after the product has been charged.


  • To guarantee a long battery life, please charge the product regularly, even if not in use.
  • Store in a secure, dry place without exposure to direct sunlight.
  • We recommend using a water-based lubricant with your product. To prevent damage to the product, do not use perfumed, alcohol-based lubricants, gels or massage oils with the product. Do not use silicone-based lubricants with silicone products.

Note on batteries

European regulations require that we provide the following information:

  • Batteries and rechargeable batteries must not be disposed of in household waste. As an end user, you are legally required to return used batteries. Please use official collection facilities such as the collection points provided by public waste management authorities to do so. You can also return used batteries that we carry or have carried as new batteries to us. Please contact us at To prevent short circuits, the poles of lithium batteries should be taped before returning. For safety reasons, we ask you not to send the batteries to us by mail and refer you to the regulations for sending hazardous goods provided by mail carriers.
  • If the batteries are permanently installed in the product, please do not try to remove them yourself. This may cause permanent damage to the device. Your obligations as a customer are otherwise regulated by the WEEE Directive and the national implementation law. 
  • Please observe the information in the manual and the safety instructions to prevent waste and littering. 
  • Used batteries contain harmful substances that can damage the environment or your health if they are not stored or disposed of properly. In particular, this applies to the improper handling of lithium batteries. Batteries also contain important raw materials such as iron, zinc, manganese and nickel and can be recycled. Separate collection allows these raw materials to be recycled and prevents negative impacts on the environment and human health from released pollutants.
  • The sign with the crossed-out waste bin means that you must not dispose of batteries and accumulators with household waste.

If the legal requirements are present, this sign means that the following symbols and their meaning must be used when labeling the batteries:

  • Hg: Battery contains more than 0.0005 percent mercury by mass
  • Pb: Battery contains more than 0.004 percent lead by mass
  • Cd: Battery contains more than 0.002 percent cadmium by mass 

Notes on the disposal of electrical equipment

European regulations require that we provide the following information: 
We would like to point out to owners of electrical equipment that old electrical equipment must be collected separately from municipal waste in accordance with applicable legal regulations. Batteries and accumulators that are not firmly encased in the old electrical equipment, as well as bulbs that can be removed from the equipment without being destroyed, must be separated from the old equipment in a non-destructive way before being given to a collection point for proper disposal. Please refer to the separate instructions for the disposal of batteries. The symbol of a crossed-out waste bin shown below and affixed to old electrical equipment also indicates that the equipment must be collected separately:

According to the WEEE Directive and the national implementation law, as distributors of electrical equipment, we are required to take back certain waste electrical equipment free of charge.

When you purchase a new electrical and electronic device, you can surrender an old electrical device that essentially performs the same functions as the new device to us free of charge. If your old electrical equipment is not larger than 25 centimeters in any dimension, you can also surrender it to us free of charge without purchasing a new device. Please contact us at We will then arrange the return of the old electrical equipment. For safety reasons, we would like to ask you to refrain from shipping lighting equipment (such as bulbs). Please use the collection points provided by public waste management authorities to return lighting equipment or contact us directly at the aforementioned e-mail address. 
You can also return old electrical equipment to any of the collection points run by the public waste disposal authorities. You are making an important contribution to the reuse, recycling and other recovery of old appliances by sending your old electrical equipment for separate collection in the proper collection groups.
As the end user, you are responsible for deleting personal data from the used electrical equipment before handing it in for disposal.
Please observe the information in the manual and safety instructions to prevent waste, and please check for possible repair options.

General Information

Model No.: WZ11B


Womanizer Liberty 2, Quick start guide, Safety instructions, #Imasturbate sticker


For further information please visit our website or contact


WOW TECH EUROPE GMBH offers customers a voluntary manufacturer‘s warranty for this product in addition to the statutory warranty to which consumers are entitled with respect to sellers. The conditions with respect to the voluntary manufacturer‘s warranty are on our website, under „WarrantyConditions“.


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Designed in Germany. Date of issue: 04/2023. MA-00235 rev A

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